Millersville University
Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies is a 4-year fully inclusive postsecondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability who have completed or are near completion of a high school program, and who are currently or were formerly eligible for a free appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our campus community of faculty, staff, coaches, and mentors supports each student as they develop a person-centered plan to guide their journey at Millersville University. Integrated Studies provides foundational experiences and learning opportunities in four main areas: academic participation, career exploration and employment, personal well-being and social membership/building relationships. Each of these areas contributes to the acquisition of specific independent living skills, in preparation for a post-school transition into a more work-focused environment. The completion requirements include auditing a minimum of four undergraduate courses per semester, as well as a specified number of vocational and other social experiences. Students follow the regular Fall/Spring semester calendar and are assessed based on their individual plans for college participation. Students enrolled in Integrated Studies become fully immersed in the Millersville campus through engaging in academics, career exploration, and building relationships. We strive to create inclusive communities where students feel connected, challenged, and supported while participating in a high quality inclusive post-secondary college experience.