Pennsylvania Inclusive Higher Education Consortium (PIHEC) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the acquisition of a Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (TPSID) grant. The administration of the grant is being achieved through Millersville University under the direction of Thomas Neuville, Ph.D., principal investigator, with Ann Marie Licata, Ph.D., serving as the director of the PIHEC.

The purpose of the Consortium is to further develop the Millersville University Integrated Studies model of postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) and to encourage program development among other Pennsylvania institutions of higher education (IHEs).

The overarching vision is to design and support postsecondary campus settings in which education, authentic social experiences, independent living and integrated and competitive employment can be accessed by young adults with intellectual disabilities within inclusive and supportive environments.

Seven Strategic Objectives for the Pennsylvania Inclusive Higher Education Consortium:

  1. Raise awareness and increase expectations for people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).
  2. Identify “CHAMPIONS”.
  3. Develop a foundation and structure for the Consortium.
  4. Build a diverse group of influential members.
  5. Seek and build community partners.
  6. Safeguard the fidelity to the integrity of the Culturally Valued Analogue (CVA).
  7. Exercise reflective practice with change.

The Consortium’s three goals are to:

  1. Further develop an inclusive state of the art, research-based, inclusive postsecondary program of study at Millersville University, Integrated Studies. This program serves as a model of evidenced-based best practices in inclusive higher education and residential campus life, complemented with the development of strong social and employment networks for young adults with intellectual disabilities.
  2. Build upon the efforts of recent collaborations with the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  3. Serve as providers of technical assistance and support to existing and developing inclusive postsecondary programs across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.