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  • The Raising Expectations for Academic Learning or REAL Certificate offers students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the same learning environments available to same-age peers in an academic, vocational and social inclusion-focused program. This two-year program includes auditing a minimum of one (1) undergraduate course per semester and completion of a specified number of vocational and other experiences. An individual plan for college participation is developed for each student.


  • Compass is a fully inclusive post-secondary collegian program. Compass is a four year certificate program for students who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to pursue curricular, vocational, and social opportunities at college as a means in which to develop independence and future careers. Students benefit from participating in a program situated in an urban environment to promote social inclusion and greater internship and career opportunities as well as the robust social offerings of the Pittsburgh community.


  • Career, Independent Living & Learning Studies (CILLS) is a Non-Degree University Program for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities sponsored by East Stroudsburg University. The program is designed to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities with a learning experience in an inclusive campus environment where life and work skills are accelerated by daily encouragement in the life of a university.

    The program includes living off campus and acquiring proficiency to function among others without disabilities on campus.

    In addition, the program provides personal development activities combined with classes designed to develop essential skills for independent living and future employment.

    The Career, Independent Living & Learning Studies (CILLS) program will help young adults with intellectual disabilities prepare to lead productive lives in their communities.

  • Integrated Studies is a fully-inclusive postsecondary program on Gwynedd Mercy University’s campus, offering two-year or four-year college experiences for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) to progressively develop skills each semester related to academic interest, employment, communication, healthy living, and technology with the ultimate goal of increased independence, meaningful employment and self-actualization. The program is based on Think College Standards and created with support from the PA Inclusive Higher Education Consortium and other successful programs.

    Integrated Studies students will be active members of Gwynedd Mercy University’s community as they will audit college courses, participate in community-based internships, attend sporting events, eat in the dining hall, and have the opportunity to live in the residence halls.

    Students will earn a non-degree certificate of Integrated Studies and a university transcript that includes the courses and internships completed as well as a portfolio of highlighted work.

  • The Success, Engagement, Education, Determination (SEED) program at Lehigh Carbon Community College provides comprehensive “direct” services for students with disabilities interested in a college experience to master skills in transition, academic, and/or career areas. Instruction is provided in independent living, socialization, and soft skills. Through partnership with Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living; mentoring, coaching, work experiences, education, and training are provided to meet their adult related goals and maximize their employment potential. SEED currently introduced a credit bearing certificate, Cross Institutional Studies.

  • Leadership and Integrative Studies at Lock haven University is a 4-year non-degree certificate offering a fully-inclusive, tailored course of study based upon personal abilities, talents, and individual career interests in order to lead to competitive employment.

  • Integrated Studies

    Integrated Studies is a 4-year fully inclusive postsecondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability who have completed or are near completion of a high school program, and who are currently or were formerly eligible for a free appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our campus community of faculty, staff, coaches, and mentors supports each student as they develop a person-centered plan to guide their journey at Millersville University. Integrated Studies provides foundational experiences and learning opportunities in four main areas: academic participation, career exploration and employment, personal well-being and social membership/building relationships. Each of these areas contributes to the acquisition of specific independent living skills, in preparation for a post-school transition into a more work-focused environment. The completion requirements include auditing a minimum of four undergraduate courses per semester, as well as a specified number of vocational and other social experiences. Students follow the regular Fall/Spring semester calendar and are assessed based on their individual plans for college participation. Students enrolled in Integrated Studies become fully immersed in the Millersville campus through engaging in academics, career exploration, and building relationships. We strive to create inclusive communities where students feel connected, challenged, and supported while participating in a high quality inclusive post-secondary college experience.

  • Misericordia University offers a new, inclusive, post-secondary certificate program designed specifically for students with moderate Autism, with or without co-morbid disorders, and Intellectual Disability.

    The certificate program, Misericordia Integrated Studies at Misericordia University, is a full-time, college-based, 2-year program specifically designed for students between the ages of 18–26 who are Level 1 Mild to Level 2, Moderate Autism, and gives prospective students access to a full-time inclusive and supported program of study.


  • Career Studies
    Career Studies Program is a U.S. Department of Education approved Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP), where individuals can obtain a high-quality, individualized post-secondary education that leads to social and professional networks, careers, and a bright future. Career Studies is an inclusive two-year, four-semester program that includes academic and social enrichment, career exploration, and practical work experiences. The program mission is to provide enriching and inclusive post-secondary education and career exploration experiences that lead to independence and competitive employment.



  • Saint Joseph University’s Pathways to Authentic College Experiences (PACE) program is a four-year certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities. The program offers Saint Joseph’s students an inclusive and supportive college experience, culminating in an Integrated Professional Studies certificate from the University. PACE offers an integrated education with individualized attention and positive outcomes from a trusted institution.

    The mission of the PACE program is to provide an inclusive, authentic college experience for students with intellectual disabilities. We aim to provide academic, social, and vocational opportunities, to support students in attaining their personal and professional goals. Meaningful and gainful employment is important for college graduates, so the PACE program has a particular focus on supporting students in developing skills to obtain and retain employment.

  • The Rock Life Program is a two to six year non-degree seeking postsecondary comprehensive transition education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which includes Autism Spectrum Disorder. Program length is dependent upon the student’s individual goals and can be longer if necessary. Rock Life focuses on four main pillars: Academics, Vocational, Physical Activity and Social. Support is provided by undergraduate students hired as “College Coaches.” College Coaches work one on one for approximately 10 hours per week with the Rock Life students. Students enroll in inclusive courses either for audit or for credit and take approximately two classes per semester. Students start working by their second year in the program and are hired at both on and off campus job site locations. Rock Life students are given the option to live in Watson Hall in the Rock Life Living Learning Community (LLC). LLC’s are popular housing options at Slippery Rock and are shown to increase retention rate for the students. Rock Life students are eligible to commute to campus and receive the same amount of support an on-campus student would receive in terms of college coaching.

  • Leadership and Career Studies is a four-year program in the College of Education for adults with Intellectual Disabilities at Temple University which provides an authentic college experience developing academic abilities, career aspirations, and independence on the vibrant, urban campus at Temple University. Students of Leadership & Career Studies is administered by the Institute on Disabilities, Pennsylvania’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities that is part of the College of Education at Temple University. Students of Leadership & Career Studies are fully integrated into the fabric of campus life as Temple University students. Students enroll in undergraduate and continuing education courses while developing employment skills and exploring career options. Students participate in the wide variety of student activities, cultural events, club sports and student organizations available to all Temple students. Prior to students beginning their experience at Temple University, an individual academic plan is developed with each student. This plan details the student’s goals and objectives in the areas of Academics, Career Development, Independent Living and Social Connections. Each Leadership & Career Studies student is matched with a Temple student mentor. The mentors support students in accessing the university’s rich resources. Current Temple students in good standing are recruited, hired, trained, and supervised by Leadership and Career Studies staff at the Institute on Disabilities to serve as effective and supportive mentors. Mentors support students as they participate in academic, recreational, and social activities. Tutors work with students to support them in their coursework. Students participate in a variety of employment experiences based on their preferences and develop skills necessary for employment in their preferred field. All of these vocational opportunities are geared to support each student in obtaining competitive integrated employment consistent with the individual student’s desired employment goals. Graduates leave the program with an electronic portfolio, resume, and the skills and resources to find competitive integrative employment. Upon completion of the four-year program graduates receive a certificate of completion from the Institute on Disabilities, through the College of Education at Temple University.


  • The VUnited Scholars Program is a two year residential certificate program offered through Villanova’s College of Professional Studies. This program merges the following four elements: academic knowledge, social and psychological development, independent living skills, and career and vocational skills.

    Pursuing this program in an Augustinian, Catholic, valued-centered, residential environment provides students a meaningful and unique college experience. The program allows students to explore and realize both their learning potential and maximize their personal growth, while preparing students for future, meaningful employment.

    Targeted to highly motivated young adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, the program consists of a combination of academic coursework and supervised employment and career development opportunities. The focus of the program is to prepare students for careers in Business and Human Services.

  • The RAM initiative (Real Achievement Matters) is a program at West Chester University, where students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-24, come to campus, to participate in a two year inclusive post-secondary education experience. The RAM initiative is ‘inclusive’ in that RAM students would learn, live, and interact with all students, faculty, staff and administrators on campus, not in segregated environments. The students generally take classes on an Audit basis and have a non-traditional application/admissions process. RAM Initiative students are full time students, have full privileges of the university, and are eligible for Pell Grants and Federal Financial Work Study programs (if financially eligible). The VISION of RAM Initiative is to provide inclusive post-secondary education to students with intellectual disabilities, who meet specific criteria of Intellectual Disability, in order to develop citizens who are independent and economically self-sufficient and to meet the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act of equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-sufficiency.


  • Widener University’s Integrated Professional Studies program supports students who want to cultivate skills of self-advocacy, independence, and skills and confidence to succeed in a rewarding career, but may not feel ready to participate in a traditional, full-time college experience.. Students with intellectual disabilities enroll in academic courses, participate in clubs on campus, and gain career experience through internships. Students enroll in two to three 100-level courses with their non-disabled peers each semester. Some of these courses have a service learning component which provides the class the opportunity to be of service to individuals and local agencies. They are also enrolled in a Freshman Seminar course where the career development component of the program begins with resume building and presentations by Career Services. Students have access to all the resources on campus and are additionally matched with undergraduate peer mentors to support them socially and academically.

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