9th Annual Inclusive Postsecondary Education Symposium

Empowering Futures, Amplifying Voices, and Navigating Transitions

July 30, 2024 at The Penn Stater Conference Center

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Set for July 30, 2024, at The Penn Stater Conference Center in State College, PA, the 2024 PIHEC Annual Symposium titled ‘Empowering Futures, Amplifying Voices, and Navigating Transitions’ invites you to a day of deep engagement with the evolving dynamics of higher education. Featuring COL Chris Mayer as our keynote speaker, the symposium will explore ‘Trends in Higher Education,’ setting the groundwork for interactive discussions and youth-led workshops focused on empowering voices, self-awareness and the tangible benefits of college education for career success. This gathering is a unique opportunity for the IPSE community—professionals, students, faculty, and families alike—to share insights and connect on a level that promises to enrich and transform the future of inclusive postsecondary education.

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Our keynote speaker, COL Chris Mayer, from the United States Military Academy at West Point, brings a unique blend of foresight and expertise as a recognized futurist, esteemed evaluator for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and reviewer for the Quality Assurance Commons. His presentation on “Trends in Higher Education” will offer a rare glimpse into the evolving educational landscape through the eyes of a visionary leader and will set the stage for group discussions where attendees will explore these trends and their implications for the future of inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE).

The PIHEC Symposium is designed to be a day filled with enriching dialogue and interactive workshops that promise to enhance futures, amplify voices, and navigate the transitions within education. It offers an invaluable opportunity for IPSE professionals, students, faculty, families, and other supporters and advocates to gain new insights and forge connections. Join us for an event that is set to be both informative and transformative, aiming to unite and empower the IPSE community.


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9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:45 Keynote Address: Trends in Higher Education

10:30 Group Discussion

11:15 Break

11:30 Youth-Led Workshop: Fostering a Culture of Voice

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Youth-Led Workshop: Self Knowledge

2:30 Youth-Led Workshop: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go: Inspiring Inclusive Practices in College Athletics

3:30 Break

3:45 Person-Centered Planning Session

4:45 Conclusions and Closing Remarks


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Learn more about each of the speakers below!

Chris Mayer – Keynote Address

Christian Huber – Fostering a Culture of Voice

Andrea Parente – Self Knowledge 

Sebastian Desimone – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go: Inspiring Inclusive Practices in College Athletics

Kathryn Burke – Person-Centered Planning Session 

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