ADA 30 Day Overview

Wednesday – April 22

Time Event
9:30 MU President Opening Remarks
9:45 Yoshiko Dart and a selected Justin Dart speech
11:00 The passage of the ADA with Judy Heumann, Cathleen Holdsworth, Bob Kafka and Stephanie Thomas
12:00 LUNCH
1:30 Judy Heumann – Broadcast from classroom
3:00 Spoken Word Event
5:00 Movie -Opening Doors to College, a premiere screening of Dan Habib’ s most recent film

Thursday – April 23

Time Event
8:30 Opening Remarks by MU Provost Dr. Villas Prabhu and a message from Senator Casey
9:00 Keynote Speaker – Judy Heumann
10:00 Student Session on Disability Leadership with Judy Heumann and Tom Olin

Judy Heuman Book Signing
11:00 Pep Rally/Parade Preparation/ Sign Making
12:00 MU Disability Pride Parade
1:00 LUNCH
2:00 Disability History with Tom Olin and Judy Heumann; Developing our next generation of leaders
2:45 Musical Performances
5:00 New Disability Rights Film – Crip Camp